Saturday, December 8, 2007

Nikon vs Canon - The LCD Screen

First, the math - Nikon's screen has 307,200 pixels , as compared to Canon's 230,000 pixels, so your preview screen is better on the Nikon's.

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The browsing is similar to that of the Canons and Nikon's of the past, however, I get the feeling that the Nikon is just a bit clearer. But, who's going to buy a camera because of the LCD screen? It's not like it's a cup holder decision in a car!

What might sway you to upgrade is Live view, and both have it. The screens are similar in terms of readability, and there's now a second navigation "joystick" above the one we're used to on the Canon, so you can navigate the screen without having to take the lock off the navigation wheel on the back.

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Unknown said...

Doesnt the display have 920,000 pixels?

Unknown said...

The Nikon D3 display I mean.

Kalmár Nagy András said...

To Roger: The display does have 920,000 different pixels, but they are in RGB triplets. So It takes three of them to actually display a white pixel, that's why John divided it by three. (It's a stupid little marketing trick to count the separate R G and B pixels). They are both perfectly usable (I have seen both), but the D3's screen has a slight edge and a bit more 'pop'.

Anonymous said...

If John has divided the Nikon display by 3, he should have dived the Canon display as well as ALL manufactures refer really to sub-pixels when refering to LCD pixels. This discussion has been beten to death in forums, and by now the concesus is that Nikon provides VGA and Canon provides Q(uarter)VGA resolution. I'll leave you to do the math but it certainly does not add up to the minute difference the author is reporting.

Anonymous said...

John made a mistake, plain and simple. Nikon has 921,600 pixels and Canon has 230,400. That is not even open to discussion anymore (except among uninitiated). See:

(a Canon owner)

Anonymous said...

Huh? I was reading this "review" with great interest... but I just stopped once I read this nonsense about the LCDs: the Nikon's has 3x the pixels. Period. Now... how can I trust the reviewer after such a mistake? I won't bother with the rest of the review, there is no way I can be interested in the opinion of a reviewer with so missinformed.


John Harrington said...

According to Pop Photo -

"New LCD for D3/D300 has 640x480x3 (RGB Stripe array filter) = 921,600 dots. Rounded to 920,000 dots."

And Ken Rockwell writes:

'It has 920,000 RGB dots or 307,200 pixels (640 x 480), "

So, if you want to call each R, G, and B as one pixel, go ahead. In the end, each R G and B combined results in a single "dot" of color.

What IS remarkable is that it's not your typical 72dpi screen, it's 287 dpi.

Call it what you want, I gave the Nikon a win on the LCD.

Anonymous said...

And Canon is 230,400 sub-pixels or 76,800 actual pixels.

The difference is really quite significant.

Ben Seese said...

Not only is the pixel count flat wrong, but there's no mention of the other fundamental difference: the Nikon can AF while "Live".

John Harrington said...

Ben --

Yes, you're right, and that's a nice feature for Nikon that Canon doesn't have - Canon must get the focus before going into liveview.

Anonymous said...

Nikon is VGA resolution = 640x480 = 307200 full RGB pixels.

Canon is QVGA = 320x240= 76800 full RGB pixels.

So Nikon has 4 times the area resolution as Canon. Period

It's funny how an ill informed PopPhoto article can influence and misdirect people so long after it has been proven inaccurate.

cloveras said...

Divided by 3? Seriously? This makes it very hard to take any of the other inforamtion in this review seriously.

Anonymous said...

The reviewer is correct.
For all the Nikon fanboys crying about it, what's more important than the numbers is that in reality, the difference in detail between the two is INSIGNIFICANT (I've seen both also)

ME (Nikon user, not fanboy though)

Great Review!

Anonymous said...

Another feature comparison missing...

The Canon HAS a sensor cleaner.
The Nikon does NOT have a sensor cleaner! (on full frame this is unforgivable).

Anonymous said...

Great Review! Well written and quite descriptive as well.. If any item or topic comes out then you should be the one releasing it to the public and make it known! The way you describe it is very intriguing and feels like candy to my ears, if that really makes any sense :) but you catch my drift.. I personally like the nikon much better than the canon.

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