Sunday, November 7, 2010

US News & World Report To End Print Edition

For as long as my professional career has been ongoing, I have always held as the holy grail, Time, Newsweek, and US News & World Report, in the magazine industry, as the harbingers of the industry. Now, US News is looking more like a pallbearer. As we learned from the Huffington Post (here) , US News will cease to print it's publication in 2011. You can be sure they'll do print editions of their "Best Colleges" and other "Best" special issues, but US News is essentially signalling that print is dead.

If the thickness of Time and Newsweek are any indication, I expect that they too will stop killing trees and go online, but with 30% of households not having internet according to this article, it would seem that that audience will no longer be served by US News, but, perhaps, that's not the audience they are targeting?

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