Monday, October 23, 2006

An exciting Fall for the photo industry

The first week of November marks what always seems like the beginning of photography each year for me. I find myself hip deep in assignments, Photokina has announced the latest and greatest (or revealed the dissappointment of no announcements), and I find time to break for a few days, and head to NYC for PhotoPlus, an annual trek I've made for over a decade. It's a chance to refresh and recharge, connect with friends, and learn about the new products that (hopefully) will make my life easier. I also, by this time, know my tax status, and can make end of year expenditures from reserves that I held back to make sure I didn't owe any money to the government.

This year, I am excited because I was left with more to expend, and I am sorely in need of some upgraded lighting packs, and am looking to be pleasantly surprised by a number of products and services that I am looking to check out.

It's my hope to post those revelations here, not just to share these insights with you, but so I can remember them myself after the fact. All to often, I make notes then tuck them away into my bag with the rest of the product literature, only to loose them forever and then accidentally toss them. Or, I'll have put them into the memo application in my PDA, and then, again, forget them.

I am excited about all that is coming up in the next few weeks, and then beyond. Stay tuned.

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