Monday, August 20, 2012

TIPS60 - Should you upgrade your equipment?

Here is one in a series of videos by the author of Best Business Practices for Photographers John Harrington, who also publishes the blog In this segment John discusses the benefits of upgrading your camera equipment.

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"TRANSCRIPT: Part of your workflow for your business, your equipment workflow if you will, is the importance of planning for and upgrading your equipment. If you're Nikon shooter you probably shouldn't be shooting on a D2 right now or D2x. If you're Canon shooter, you probably shouldn't be shooting on an EOS IDs Mark I or Mark II. You need to be using current model equipment. It really does provide you with better quality visuals, better quality images, and not just about size, but of noise issues. The same holds true for computers. You should be upgrading your computers, you know, every eighteen months to two years. Again, that same time frame for your still cameras. Lenses maybe not so much so, but still cameras, computers should be getting upgraded. Software should be getting upgraded. You should not be working on photoshop CS1. Or any other older version it's not going to be able to open the files as you need and it really is gonna slow you down. So, I would strongly encourage you maintain a plan for upgrading your equipment. "

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