Sunday, February 6, 2011

What's Next in Photography? - Michael Lutzky

During FotoWeek DC's annual PhotoFest, a group of concerned photography professionals brought together a series of presenters to talk briefly about what's next in the industry. Michael Lutzky, a former staff photographer for the Associated Press who now is a strategy and management consultant for media companies, was among the presenters, and the presentations are now online on YouTube. Lutzky made a number of remarkable points, one so much so that I added it in to the beginning of my presentation (with his permission, of course.)

Here's the Highlights video (RSS readers see the video here):

After the jump is the entire presentation, in 3 clips...

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Clip 1 of 3 (RSS readers view the clip at this link):

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Clip 3 of 3 (RSS readers view the clip at this link):

The original description of the program was as follows (and appears here):

What Next?

So you're a photographer, or you want to become a photographer, but you know the business model is changing and constantly evolving.

What is the new paradigm? How will you succeed as a working visual communicator? What will give you the edge over all the others out there?

Come listen to a unique, diverse, and experienced group of visual professionals as they share their ideas of new business models for our world today and tomorrow.

Hear their predictions and how they're preparing for the future. Join us for Questions and Answers with these pros, and participate in their panel discussions.

Learn, Share, Network

Each presenter will speak for 15-20 minutes on their idea for the future with Q&A sessions.

The seminar’s goal is to help discover that one great solution for you in the changing world of the photography business.

Steve Freligh, Publisher Nature’s Best Magazine
Kathleen Ewing, Kathleen Ewing Gallery and past Executive Director, AIPAD
Keith Jenkins, Supervising Senior Producer for Multimedia, NPR
Jamie Rose, photographer, entrepreneur Momenta Workshops
John Harrington, photographer, author, President WHNPA
Michael Lutzky, Strategy and management consultant (former photojournalist)
Organized by a group of concerned photography professionals
Khue Bui, Bill Auth, Lauren Stockbower, Larry Levin

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