Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Troubling Attitudes at Nikon Professional Services

In years past, anyone considering employment at Nikon, and especially Nikon Professional Services, had to put down their cameras and agree not to take photo assignments or even get published, because, well, in doing so, you'd be competing against the professionals you are employed to help. You'd not only become their competition, but you'd take away their income from image licensing and assignments. It seems, this is no longer the case, but this isn't the first time that the Senior Manager of Pro Relations at NPS Mike Corrado, has decided the rules don't apply to him - at least not when he can take away an opportunity to work with Bloodhorse Magazine.

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In at least three cases so far, Corrado's photos suplanted opportunities for the pros he's supposed to be focused on helping and supporting, from making a living through image licensing, by having his photos in galleries and articles. In this article, it's Corrado's work that is being used in place of one of "his" professional photographers, to illustrate the article - taking a credential spot and income from those he's supposed to be helping. And in this photo gallery, his work also supplants those of "his" pros.

Maybe it's time he start following the policies espoused by NPS to actually SUPPORT photographers, instead of taking up a spot that should go to working photographers, and taking food from the mouths of those freelancers already struggling to earn a living and afford their expensive gear. Or, maybe this is just one more reason to switch from Nikon to anything other than Nikon.

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