Saturday, December 8, 2007

Nikon vs Canon - Card slots

I'm sure Canon was trying to do something smart with their SD card option, but the smarter way to go is how Nikon has done it, finally coming into the fray with two CF slots. There are plenty of CF readers, especially FW800 ones, but no fast SD readers. SD may well be the best choice next generation, or the one after that, but the CF cards are the best solution, and are also the fastest.

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Further, Nikon is using a much faster write capability here, which, while it requires the faster 300x cards, and, in turn, faster Lexar readers, in the end, one of the huge delays in my office is the speed at which files are written as well as copied off cards after the fact.

The door to the Nikon, I think, is much better. You just slip your thumb under the hatch and pop a button to open the door. On the Canon, you have to lay the camera down and use a second hand to twist the latch. The Nikon is much easier, in my view.

Advantage: Nikon

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Steve Bocaranda said...

Wow you did nice you boy can you put witch one is canon and nikon please?

Andreas Serna said...

I agree the Nikon has a better design on the card door switch. However, having SD as card 2 in the Canon was an accidental advantage.

Late in 2007, eye-fi released their wifi SD card that transmits jpg images at up to 20mb/sec across the network you connect it you either your own PC or one of many of the online photo services (ie smugmug, flickr, etc.)

That $100 SD card alone can save publications the cost of having a runner/assistant solely for dumping cards at major events, and even make live photostreams possible.

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