Monday, August 27, 2012

TIPS60 - Website Do's and Don'ts - Your Biography

Here is another of our videos offering tips and inisights into the business of photography. a transcript of the video is included after the jump.

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TRANSCRIPT: Here are a few thoughts on what your biography should include on your website. I'm John Harrington. Bios on your website, or biographical sketches of you on your website need to really reflect who you are, but you don't want refer to yourself as a flighty person. You don't want to refer to yourself as a goofball. You don't want to refer to yourself in some kind of way that looks like you do you're just there to have fun and happenstance will take pictures for you. You're there to do a job. You need to let the client know you can do that job and you can do it right. Make certain there are no typos. I know that sounds like a no-brainer,but I come across photographers' websites everyday that have typos, bad grammar, and otherwise unintelligible speak on their bios. So make certain, when you're putting together a bio, you have someone else read it. Make sure everything is spelled right, capitalization is correct, it's really important that you're not only does your bio reflect who you are, but also should portray you in an excellent light.

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