Monday, December 2, 2013

TIPS60 - Staff2Freelance - Why and How to give out freelance business cards

Here is another of our videos offering tips and inisights into the business of photography. a transcript of the video is included after the jump.

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TRANSCRIPT:Here are a few thoughts on what you might want to be doing when you're thinking about the potential for transitioning from staff to freelance, either expectedly or unexpectedly, related to business cards. I'm John Harrington. Now you should always have your own set of business cards with your own cell phone number and your own contact information and you should be handing those things out when you're talking to PR people or editorial clients that you might be working with from time to time on the side, if you're allowed to work on the side with clients. Having your own personal business card, handing that business card out on a regular basis is a good thing because it gets your name out there. Obviously, you need to be sensitive to any restrictions that your company has about doing freelance work or handing out your personal business card, but you should always have one when the opportunity presents itself. Be giving that business card out, generating a collection of clients that are interested in you and your professional services as a photographer. And if you can't do the job, what you can do is take that phone call and refer it on to a friend or colleague who you think might deserve the work.

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