Monday, July 15, 2013

TIPS60 - Product Commentary - X-Rite i1 calibration tools

Here is another of our videos offering tips and inisights into the business of photography. a transcript of the video is included after the jump.

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TRANSCRIPT:I can't stress enough the importance of having a color calibrated monitor, color calibrated printers, and just generally being color calibrated. We use, to do all of our color calibrations, the i1 system it's made by Gretag MacBeth. There are a number of other solutions out there, but the importance of making certain that your monitor is calibrated is so that when you're judging lightness and darkness, when you're judging whether or not an image has too much red, too much green, or otherwise is just not right, not visually correct. You want to make certain that you have everything in a color managed, calibrated to a known standard system. So that when you're speaking to a client and the client says to you, " Oh gosh, the photo looks too dark too light" or what have you, you can ask them, "Is your system calibrated?" Generally, it's not in many instances. And you can encourage that, you can say something like, "Oh, are you looking at it next to a light window?" or what have you. Ask them what environment they're reviewing the images in. But having a calibrated system means that you're calibrating to a known standard.

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