Monday, September 24, 2007

A Walk Through The Copyright Office – Your Registration Arrives

There are two ways for your registration application to find it’s way to the copyright office for registration. Soon, you’ll be able to submit electronically, but as of now, there’s only two ways.

The most common way is to mail/ship your registration. Sending the package via US Mail is one way, however, it’s recommended that you do that with a method which allows for you to receive a notification that it was received. Certified/Return Receipt Requested is highly recommended. However, solutions like Priority Mail, FedEx, DHL, or another overnight service is our preferred method for shipping.

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All packages go through a central receiving facility, where they are irradiated to ensure the shipment is safe. This protection was put into place following the 2001 anthrax attacks on the US Capitol, and since the Library is a part of that complex, all of it’s deliveries became subjected to that protective screening. One challenge that has arisen, is that CD’s may become damaged or non-readable by this process, and the CO may contact you to ask for another CD to be sent.

Once the packages have been processed for biological agents, they are then sent over, in rolling bins (as shown above), to the receiving station, officially called the Reciept Analysis Control Center, located in the Madison Building of the Library of Congress, to begin their processing.

A Walk Through The Copyright Office:

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Anonymous said...

Are there ways to minimize the damage. I heard that shipping in a box rather than an envelope is supposed to improve things?

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