Tuesday, August 11, 2009

** TIME SENSITIVE ** - Today, 4p East/1p West - Free Webinar on Trends of Successful Photographer Websites

Well well, the folks at PhotoShelter are at it again, with a free webinar, TODAY, 4pm EAST/1pm WEST. The link is here, and here are the details:

Emerging trends in successful photographer websites.
Build a website that photo buyers will love. PhotoShelter surveyed 550+ commercial and editorial photo buyers to get the scoop on what can make or break your photography website. Use the results to help you sell more photography. PhotoShelter co-founder Grover Sanschagrin will review the survey findings and discuss the designs and features that photobuyers care about most. Don't buy or design a website without this info!
So, if you want insights/guidance on how to do it, or get it done right, don't miss their presentation! Register here for free now.
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Wes Putt said...

If only I saw this a few hours ago! Would have been great to watch.

Dan Anderson said...

Will they reshow this on the web? I was at a shoot.

Special Event Photography said...

I, unfortunately, did not manage to register on time. Still, I just wanted to say that I appreciate your posting of this information for all of us who are in the photography business. Thanks a lot and, without a doubt, I will be returning to this blog to see what other great bits of information you'll have to offer.

Again, thanks.

retouching said...

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