Wednesday, August 12, 2009

MacWorld Cover - From Start to Finish

What goes into a "simple" cover of two iPhones for MacWorld? Watch it here from start to finish:

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Dean Casavechia said...

Couldn't they just got a shot off istock? Just kidding, that was really cool, a very well done video.

Anonymous said...

I think this video demonstrated the difference between a fly-by-nighter and a pro.

Anyone with a vague understanding of off camera light (probablt gleaned from strobist....good site BTW) could get the job done 80%...that is you would have a good looking photos of two iphones.

A keen amateur would probably get into photoshop and clean up dust marks etc.

but the pros....all those reflectors and cards are there and placed specifically for both lighting and highlights..they know what to place and where to place them...AND knowing how to set it all up in a way that easily separates from the background.

It's the extra 10-20% that separates a studio with a mobile computer dolly and several trained photographers from someone with a 400D, a cardboard box and a couple of sb-24's.

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