Thursday, July 23, 2009

Ron Edmonds - Retiring but "Not Dead Yet"

Longtime friend and colleague Ron Edmunds, of the Associated Press, has decided to retire after a remarkable 28 years. His cold weather cap from the 1997 inauguration of President Clinton, clearly indicates though, that he is "Not Dead Yet." I can attest to this fact - I spoke with Ron just a week or so ago during a White House event, and he was indicating he retirement was coming soon. I said to him "the most fear is no doubt coming from the bass", my referencing his second greatest talent and favored past-time - bass fishing, to which he just laughed.

Ron Edmonds, January 20, 1997 covering President Clinton's second inauguration.(to see the full frame of the center stand where Ron was shooting from, click the photo to see it full size)

Edmonds leaves a legacy that will, for a very very long time, be unparalleled. More importantly though, his friendship for all his colleagues - and those with whom he honorably competed for the best picture (and often won) will remain as a benchmark which other photojournalists will strive to achieve. For almost two decades, I have had the privilege of shooting alongside Ron, and he was always a good guy. Yet, if someone threw an elbow his way, Ron was not one to acquiesce - he would just shoot a circle around you as you were trying to rearrange yourself - I witnessed this more than once.

I wish Ron the best as he heads off into the next chapter of his life. For a glimpse at just some of Ron's iconic images, check out Ron's web page.
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AdvRdr said...

I spent a good bit of my life flying around the world while covering events with Ron and came to know him as the Gentle Assassin.

Always a gentleman, never a loud voice, a constant exhibition of kindness but he'd kill you with his vision and ability to get the photo.

What few people know about Ron is the story about how he made a color photo of Mark Spitz with his seven gold medals, the night before he actually won the seventh, with a roll of Tri-X film.

He's a man who's passionate and devoted to his wife; the love of his life. Passionate about Hawaii, music, his hot rod, and fish -- those he can catch and those that formerly graced a 200-gallon marine aquarium in his home.

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