Saturday, May 30, 2009

You're A Photographer? THIS is Your Life!

If you've been a photographer even for a few months, you are abundantly aware of the absurdity of client arguments about lowering your rates. You roll your eyes, scream after hanging up the phone, or otherwise express (rightfully so) indigniation about the demands for less now, with a promise of more later. This video (with thanks to Leslie Burns Dell’Acqua for the heads up on this) brings to life that absurdity in other business exchanges, and is absolutely a must-watch. It's only two minutes, but after about the first minute, the message is loud and clear, and the remaining minute is just gravvy.

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When I Grow Up I Wanna Work in Advertising

REAL Truth In Advertising:

Harlan Ellison on Getting Paid:

Marc Focus on Being The Best:

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Every AB and AD should see this! said...


virginia executive photographer said...

Thankfully, I don't resemble Mark at all thanks to a friend who trashed me weekly until I learned to say "No fucking way you tasteless washed up brown nosing hack prick!"

Shining Star said...

This would be good for you! :)

Rich Green said...

I saw the Harlan Ellison video a year ago. I saw it again at a Michael Grecco seminar. I know some folks might think Ellison's response is funny (and angry), but it's the truth.

Rosh Sillars said...

I can never get enough of the Harlan Ellison video.

Great group of videos.


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