Monday, May 25, 2009

FotoQuote 6: A Worthwhile Upgrade

Like fine wine, a new version of FotoQuote has been highly anticipated, but Cradoc, the programs' creator, on the verge of releasing the software last year, opted to do more research and has finally released the fruits of that labor, in FotoQuote 6. (Click images to see larger)

Now with 304 categories, meticulously researched, this software, that was the gold standard already, has reached a new level.

One of the criticisms of FotoQuote whenever someone recommends it is leveled by people who think the rates are too high (they are not), is that the figures in FotoQuote do not take into account the world of microstock pricing. The fact of the matter is, they have and they do.

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These days, I am seeing more and more inquiries about all manner of digital use. Not to worry - the new version has a huge category of TV variations, as well as the use of the images in e-mails and marketing.

Yes, I know they advertise on this blog, but I would be strongly recommending this software (or the upgrade if you already have it) whether or not that was the case.

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Anonymous said...

Six commas in the first sentence? C'mon John, get an editor!

Giulio Sciorio said...

@ Anonymous and your blog is where?? I thought so.

Thanks for putting the word out Mr. Zero. I'd love to see some video usage rights in a future version of Fotoquote. Many of us are trying hard to get a grip on video pricing and alternative licensing such as stills embedded in interactive Flash advertising.

Giulio Sciorio said...

Just checked the FotoQuote website. Fotoquote does feature video pricing. Cool

Xmas said...

This software is very user friendly . . . . .

Walter Rowe said...

When will they incorporate PLUS licensing terms? I'd love to create a PLUS license string, plug it into my fotoquote package, and have it give a license fee range. Cradoc seems like he's unwilling to work with PLUS. Why?

T. C. Knight said...


It really grates on my nerves when I read someone who says they use Fotoquote then reduce the price to reflect "these hard economic times". The prices reflect "these hard economic times". Fotoquote is good pricing, I use it and only adjust it to my CODB and skill level.

If someone is price shopping, they will not use me anyway based on my CODB. If not, I will get the job based on what I can bring to the party.

@Walter Rowe: I agree! I would like to see integration of PLUS licensing in Fotoquate too. Really thought it would show up in V6.

T. C. Knight

Anonymous said...

Giulio Sciorio said...
@ Anonymous and your blog is where?? I thought so.

What does this comment have to do with John's constant use of run-on sentences? Go photograph another orgasm Giulio. You need to get off.

Anonymous said...

xmas, you must be kidding! And John, I really doubt you use FotoBiz or FotoQuote. I bought FotoBiz last year and used it 5 times. I get software pretty easily without referring to the manual, but this is by far the most complex software I have ever seen. It is so unfriendly and unintuitive that you want to pull your hair out. You can't ever figure out how to navigate. You always find yourself looking to find a way to get somewhere else. Awfully unfriendly. And the interface? Oh dear, it looks like it was done in the 80's. Very confusing. I really hoped they would make a change that would make me actually make a use out of $300 software. The worst investment ever. Instead of making something that works for the creator of the software, they need to make a software that works for consumers. This isn't Final Cut. It's something you shouldn't have to learn how to use.

Giulio Sciorio said...

@Anonymous. Who gives a rats ass about run on sentences, its about the wealth of info JH provides that has helped out so many people.

If your kung fu was good enough you'd show it. My work is designed to generate a strong reaction in the viewers and its done it again with you. I love my lovers and haters so thank you for looking.

Go bitch somewhere else, no one cares for it here, maybe you can find a place elsewhere, where, people, give, a, damn, about, commas.

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