Sunday, February 1, 2009

Micelotta out At Getty?

Previously, we reported Three Free Men - Getty Images on Lockdown (9/21/07), about the departure of Jeff Kravitz (and others) from Getty Images. Despite that, and rumors that Kravitz rethought that decision, he continues to produce images that appear on the FilmMagic and Getty Images sites. Photo District News reported the same here.

Will Frank Micelotta, as reported by Paul Melcher here, rethink his departure, or was it not his decision? Micelotta, a high profile entertainment photographer founded and then sold the ImageDirect agency to Getty in 2003.

Many of Getty's employees have a six-month reprieve from layoffs (translation: you have six months to find a new job, and good luck on that one), thanks to a freeze. What will remain in free fall is what Getty is earning from the continued decline in their per-image revenue figures.

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Anonymous said...

Hard times.
Nothing gonnabe the same.
Time to have new ideas...
But it's not easy to change so fast...

Anonymous said...

Frank Micelotta is a great guy and a great photographer. He deserves better than Getty Images.

Anonymous said...


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