Monday, September 17, 2007

So, You Want to Shoot Concerts? - VIP Credentials

If you have a VIP credential (like the one at right), you're not a photographer, you don't have photo privledges, and more than likely, if you try to take pictures with just it on, those people with the big yellow "Event Staff" polo shirts will yank your camera away, unless, of course, you also are dating one of the band members.

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Typically, if you have a VIP credential, it allows you into a room, tent, or other cordoned off area backstage - usually before the show for a meet-and-greet with the artist.

For bigger events, if you have a credential like above, or a wristband like on the left, you'll end up being able to get to the catered area backstage, meaning you won't starve.

If you are given a VIP pass, make sure that it has written on it "Photo", or that you also have an accompanying photo pass. Also, if you can get food and water, don't forget to bring sustenance out to your working colleagues that didn't bring water like they should have. A VIP pass will also let you roam around more, to where the fans are, and this pass, from these vantage points, can often give you images that those in the pit, or at the sound board, can't get, so you have the opportunity to make something different.

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