Monday, September 17, 2007

So, You Want to Shoot Concerts? - All Access Credentials

If you have an ALL ACCESS credential, you're in luck. Clearly, you know the band really well, you're working for whomever is bank-rolling the concert, you're the offical tour photographer, or the tour manager is your best friend. Either way, All Access isn't always "ALL ACCESS." Further, if you're only working at one of the concert tour stops, you'll not likely get one of these passes, because you don't really really need one. They're almost always given to the people that only really really need to have this level of access.

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There are times when all access means "everywhere except the stage", or "everywhere except in the band's dressing room", or some variation thereof. A wristband is one of the ways that "non-performers" can get onto, or on the sides of the stage to make images. In addition to your All Access, or Production, pass, the wristband (just like the VIP wristband in that article) gets you to where you need. If you need to be on stage, then you'll likely also need a "Performer" or an "Artist" credential.

However, in some instances, people have been so aggressive in trying to get an All Access pass, that a few promoters have taken to granting one level higher than All Access, and that pass is an "Infinity" pass. Even then, though, Infinity does not mean on stage, that still requires a wristband!

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