Thursday, August 16, 2007

.Mobi and Mobile Platforms

PDN's Pulse blog is reporting on the latest evolution of websites - the mobile website. While Caesar Lima is among the first, I am in production to adapt my own site to the mobile platform, and that should be up soon. Caesar is using a link from his main site to a "/iphone" sub-folder. I'd submit that that will work for a few months as a cool gimmick, and then he'll be wishing he just did "/mobile" or some other non-specific title, as other devices are not far off.

For my mobile site, I've registered "http://JohnHarrington.Mobi" and "http://John-Harrington.Mobi" several months ago, and they will, once the mini-site is active, be viewable there, however, they will also be viewable by going to a page off of which will have something like "/mobile" or some other variation that makes sense, in a generic way.

If you're stuck with, perhaps now is the time to get your .Mobi account with your full name! I know of many a big name photographer who's .Mobi domain name is still available. (I checked).

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Anonymous said...

I don't get this ".mobi" stuff -- seriously, on a handheld PDA, whats easier to type? or

Okay, you might lose the "www." part, which saves you one (1) character to type. Nevertheless, I just can't see the sense of creating a wholly different FQDN instead of using the "m."-Subdomain of your already established domain name.

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