Thursday, August 16, 2007

A Debate Worth Paying Attention to!

Debates debates debates. Everyone's having one. CNN, Youtube, and to the right is the debate I had to interrupt my vacation to cover in Chicago for a day - the union's democratic debate on Soldier Field. The first debates that will really matter in the presidential field won't really come until the spring. Yet, a debate worth paying attention to is that about your future as a photographer.

Enter Photoshelter, with a forum of travelling debates they've dubbed "Photography 2.0: The Business of Photography in the Web Era," to give you some real insights. A panel of photographers AND clients has been assembled in cities across the country. From the press release:

The series will commence in
New York City on September 14, 2007,
with subsequent events to be held in
  • Atlanta, September 17
  • Chicago, September 19
  • Portland, OR, September 24
  • San Francisco, September 26
  • and the Los Angeles-area, September 28
Photographers of any experience level who are interested in the future of commercial photography are encouraged to attend.
This won't be some dry presentation either - when you get photographers and clients together talking about their future working together, it'll be an informative exchange. They've got: Brittney Blair, Art Director for Chicago Magazine; George Pitts, Professor of Photography at Parsons School of Design and former Photography Director at Life magazine; Marnie Beardsley, Global Director of Art Buying, Weiden + Kennedy; Jennifer Miller, former Director of Photography, JANE magazine; Shannon Hall, Photo Director, BlackBook Magazine; Asha Schecter, former Photo Research Editor, The New Yorker; and over 20 photographers including Bill Frakes, Chase Jarvis, Amanda Marsalis, Chris McPherson, Brian Ulrich, Michael Zagaris and many more.

Now, don't expect Ms. Blair to be in NYC, she'll be in her respective city. Each city will have a solid representation of local talent and local talent-buyers.

Oh, and I forgot the best part - it's FREE! Hurry up though, as space is limited. To register, and learn more, click here.
Please post your comments by clicking the link below. If you've got questions, please pose them in our Photo Business Forum Flickr Group Discussion Threads.


Anonymous said...

Good gawd, why are you not on the list??? We need you to speak.

Chris P

John Harrington said...

My dance card is filling up...I am speaking at PS World in a few weeks in LV, Atlanta to APA later in September, In October at PhotoPlus, and then on weekend long presentations called Strictly Business 2 in ATL/CHI/PHL/LAX, as well as at RIT next March, the PPA events in Florida in January, and atleast two other APA-related events, plus a few ASMP one-man-one-night presentations. I'd be happy to talk at a PS event, timing and schedule permitting...who knows, they did say "many more". That's not a hint, that's just a comment, nothing more.

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