Sunday, August 19, 2007

Digital Railroad’s Marketplace - Summary

Digital railroad of course, must serve it self (and it's investors). However, that turns out to be a byproduct of serving up images (mine, and many others) that generate revenue for photographers. And we, in turn, get to serve up services that meet client access needs, as well as serving the secondary market for these images, post-assignment, that is rights-managed stock.

Back in the analog days, I used to consider that whenever I was sending my agent, Black Star, my images, it would be at least six months before I actually saw any revenue from them, sort of like priming a pump. Yet, that point would be arriving in October with an April “opening”, yet it’s months before that and checks are arriving - out of the gate no-less. Controlling which of my images goes on my branded site, as well as out to the Marketplace is important to me.

Am I pleased that DRR also is providing a vehicle for Royalty-free images? No. However, I think that they have to at least say that they offer that, but I hardly think that they will be able to sustain themselves on their 20% revenues from the nominal, one time revenues that RF would bring them.

It seems like this train has left the station and is full steam ahead. If you’re not aboard now, DRR and Marketplace is worth a serious look. I'd expect that, in short order, whether via additional image licensing, or as a mark-up-able service to clients, both the Marketplace and Digital Railroad's services could be a profit center for you too.

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Digital Railroad’s Marketplace - Summary

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