Thursday, July 5, 2007

You vs. Your Google Rep

The Washington Post reports in Calling In Pros to Refine Your Google Image about how people are experiencing a negative backlash on their Google presence. A search on Google for idiot, places first in it's listings, George Bush, thanks to spam tagging/linking.

The value of your existence on the search engines cannot be underestimated, but making sure that there are no negative listings is also of critical importance. Be careful what you say on blogs, or what people say about you.

Can't be found on the search engines? In a few weeks, I'll have photographer-centric solutions to your troubles. It'll cost you, but it'll pay for itself ten-fold in additional assignments.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting the suggestion to be careful about what people say about you. How can you really protect yourself from that?

I had actually encountered a photographer who, as a veiled threat, bragged to me about he likes to mess with people who cross or annoy him by posting negative things about them on the internet, in a way that couldn't be traced back to him, and metatag them so they show up at the top of a google search.

He then did that to me - posted a bunch of bull - multiple posts- that showed up when my name was googled. It was annoying & briefly infuriating, but fortunately, he'd gotten lazy & posted where it was traceable, and I threatened to sue & press criminal charges, and the posts were eventually removed.

But those are the kind of unbalanced sociopaths you encounter on the internet. Hard to avoid them. In previous generations, I think, that sat at home screaming at the TV. Now they can wreak havoc on innocent people.

How can you avoid it?

Tom said...

There is a whole new business growing around cleaning up peoples Google reputation.

Things that seem like a good idea in college might not be such a good idea when the HR office or a potential client google's you...

St. Petersburg Photographer

Anonymous said...

How, exactly do they clean that up?

Anonymous said...

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