Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Speedlinks 05/23/07

Today's Speedlinks are interesting. Once I had someone who wanted to work for me, commuting via train and metro for 90 minutes each way, each day. I talked them out of it because, considering the time, and cost to travel to me and home, their net hourly income was less than minimum wage. Link 2 is all about stock agencies who take public domain images, scan and retouch them, and add metadata, and then claim a copyright registration as a database contribution, or to the metadata. Not a very substantive basis, and built on a house of cards in my opinion.

  • Your True Hourly Wage - Do you consider your commute time? Expenses related to work? Keep thinking, and then go check out this site to reveal the truth!

  • Tenuous Copyright Claims - The Online Photographer comments on how Getty is claiming copyright to works they can't. (Hint: their contributions are deminimus, and thus not eligible!) Check it out!

Now go! Check 'em out, and come back soon!
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