Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Just Ask And Ye Shall Receive

So, you think that the New York Times organization pays just $250 an assignment? Yes, if you don't ask, and press, and convince them you're worth more.

Check this link - T Style's Cover Shoot for a really interesting behind the scenes look at what more than $250 can get you.

Sometimes, in fact, often, it's necessary to pay for assignments beyond what the masses complain about. I certainly am among those complaining that $250 is not enough for even the most basic assignment. Clearly, some are getting more!

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Anonymous said...

Oh, c'mon now! Thats all under $250.01...

All those guys are work release folks, so that gets you $2k. The lights, equipment is on demo loan from the photo store. They are giving time on those for free advert.
The model is the Editors daughter. The food is salvation army Rejects. The car is an impound, the sand from the kitty litter box, the fence was liberated last night, and the photog is Spidey Man. Which we all know, As Peter Parker he gets $15 a photo.

So still under $250.00 and fits NYT budget... ;)

Chris P

Anonymous said...

So in all seriousness what would something like that cost to put together and what would you charge to shoot it?

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