Tuesday, February 13, 2007

We Are Not Alone (Redux)

When it comes to being exploited, the next chapter in the realm of those soon to be screwed are real-life actors. Below, an amazing 5-minute video demonstrates how Tom Hanks will be able to literally phone in his performance.

It's only a matter of time before movie studios will be able to take a few frames from a face in a movie (taken from the unit photographer, no doubt) and finish movies where an actor died. Or, make multiple sequels when someone died, or worse yet, make one when the actor does not wish to be a part of it. Watch those new contracts my actor friends, soon you'll have to be weary of signing away the future use of your likeness and voice from computers who will put you in movies you never wanted to be in.

Next up? Virtual "people farms." They can take one image off a royalty-free photo, that has a model release for it, and render it into 3D, and then put that exact person into a movie, either as a real character, or as a background character. All the more reason to maintain your rights!
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Anonymous said...


Very interesting work and concept. Many years ago, Hiro, created a magazine cover using dozens of beauties that he melded into one image with a Scitex machine. The photograph of this "woman" was incredible, even if she was not real.

(Hiro is an amazing Japanese photographer who was mentored by Avedon)


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