Monday, February 12, 2007

My Deliverable's Accompanying Terms & Conditions

Over in the Flickr forums, Scott Hargis asked about contract terms & conditions being put onto the CD that is delivered to clients, and whether or not to do it, if I did it, and so on. Yes! Yes! Yes!

Every CD contains a TEXT file, titled "ReadMe.txt", and within that text file is:


The images on this CD-ROM are copyrighted, and subject to a license which accompanied the contract that was signed by someone in your organization outlining what the term of the contract is (or was), and the rights that were granted for the use of the photographs which were originally delivered to you on this CD-ROM. Even if those images were copied from the CD to another archival system, they remain subject to that contract's terms and conditions for length and scope of license. If you are not aware of the license specifics, please contact our office at the number below, and we can provide you with a copy of the original contract.

This Digital Photo Archive CD is configured to run automatically after you have placed it in your CD-ROM drive. You may view a library of thumbnail photos, search by description, keyword or other field text, double-click to view larger photos, run a slideshow and other options.

The program, Extensis Portfolio, is simple and intuitive. Answers to more frequent questions can be found at or by contacting John Harrington Photography at (202) 544-4578 for documentation. This disc includes a browser version of Extensis Portfolio 5.0, licensed for use by Extensis.

If the archive fails to load perform the following:

1. Place the CD in your CD-ROM Drive
2. Access the directory of the CD by running the
Windows Explorer found in the Start Menu
3. Double click on the file "Click_to_Begin.exe"

Mac users can click on the catalog "Image Catalog" and the application will launch.

The application Portfolio loads a catalog of images created for your event. Images may be e-mailed, printed or copied and moved in any way you see fit, consistent with the licensing that was a part of the contract that was signed for this assignment. The thumbnails identify the filename of the high-resolution photo, found in the "Images" subdirectory on the disc.

To access the high-resolution version copy the appropriate .jpg image file from the "Images" subdirectory on the disc.

To print your photos, please contact John Harrington Photography at (202) 544-4578. To view a schedule of rates associated with reprints, please visit

If you have any additional questions please don't hesitate to contact John Harrington Photography or e-mail
This file goes out with each and every CD, and covers things in general way. In some cases where there is a unique license, we will also include a file titled "license.txt" as well, which is a cut and paste from the contract that was sent and received back signed.
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Anonymous said...

Killer. Thank you very much!

Now I have to go google "extensis"w

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