Thursday, February 1, 2007

NYT Update

Ok, you know you're in trouble when the blog Gawker, Manhattan's gossip blog tells you you need some photoshop help. In this article What Could Bog Down the Bull someone decided that dropping the bull statue into 1/2 frame of sand was all that was needed, with just a little feathering on two feet and none in the front. It's horrible. Earlier today I mentioned that the NYT, as it regarded the Boston Globe would be outsourcing to save $75 million, but here, it seems they started with their art department and got someone from elementary school to do the work for them. I mean, look at that to the left. That's just laughable. And look at the line where the sand hits the white area above? I mean, this MIGHT fly if it were a thumbnail, but heck, it plays as a 600px by 430px image. And look at this, to the right....the "artist" didn't even bother to feather this foot! I have to say, I expect more from the New York Times.

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