Thursday, November 2, 2006

PhotoShelter announcement - Good for what ails you

Photoshelter couldn't contain themselves, and, moments after midnight announced a new relationship with what to many is the industry standard in software pricing -- FotoQuote. Photographers who own it swear by the pricing structure, and those that don't quickly learn how it pays for itself in one or two uses.  You can read the release to find out more, I won't cut-and-paste here, but suffice to say it's an amazing announcement, and I look forward to learning more in their booth. I can saw that this Washington DC Photographer (yeah, that's me) swears by FotoQuote as a basis, and then evolves the pricing to suit my needs more precisely.

If you're at the show (or coming over for lunch) I will be at the APA booth at noon, but prior to that I plan on checking out two morning seminars that are on the business and marketing tracks, and will report back. The first is There's always room at the top -- how to get there and stay there, which I will catch the tail end of after the ASMP seminar by Judy Hermann and Vic Perlman of ASMP, Business Practices for the Digital Age.

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