Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Sony FX6 Monitor Solution - Two Monitors Setup

A dual monitor setup for the Sony FX6 using a combination of Tilta, Zacuto, and Bright Tangerine accessories optimized for rigidity and ease of portability. Equipment also used includes Neewer, Small Rig, Ulanzi, and Camvate. This setup also allows for the Sony wireless lavalier system to be used

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Equipment Referenced:
🛒 - Zacuto Sony FX6 Z-Finder
🛒 - Bright Tangerine MINI AXL (SONY FX6)
🛒 - Bright Tangerine SONY FX6 TOP HANDLE BRACE
🛒 - Tilta Camera Cage for Sony FX6 Advanced Kit
🛒 - Tilta Camera Cage for Sony FX6 Advanced Kit (Tilta website)
🛒 - Front Monitor 90-degree mount
🛒 - Top handle small nato rail
🛒 - 150mm Nato rail extension arm
🛒 - 150mm Nato clamp add-on
🛒 - Rear Monitor tilt-swivel
🛒 - Front Monitor QR kit
🛒 - Rear monitor mount add-on
🛒 - 3/8ths to 1/4-20 reducer
🛒 - QR Extension screw through frame
🛒 - Sony Hotshoe Digital Adapter
🛒 - Sony Two Lavs Kit
🛒 - Sony One Lav one plug-on Kit
🛒 - PolarPro Full Base Camp Kit
🛒 - PolarPro Matte Box
🛒 - PolarPro Matte Box 15mm Rail Mount
🛒 - My Book - Best Business Practices for Photographers
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