Friday, February 14, 2020

The FITT360 360° Wearable Virtual Reality Camera - Unboxing and Testing

We recently received the FITT360 360° virtual reality camera which you wear around your neck. We purchased this from the company, and because we were unable to find many videos other than those put out by the company or which use the company-supplied footage, we put together an unboxing and testing set of videos.

(Continued with testing video after the Jump)
Here is a series of tests of the camera, stitching, and clarity in and outdoor, indoor, and low-light setting. (This is best watched full-screen where you can use YouTube's VR navigation).


NOTE: This is not a sponsored post, and Linkflow, the manufacturer of this product, did not provide this product to us with the knowledge that it would be reviewed and tested. It came from their standard production run, and was purchased at the Indiegogo backer price.

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