Tuesday, July 22, 2014

FUSEVISUAL - 5 Questions | 5 Answers | 5 Images

For almost a year now, the website FUSEVISUAL has been doing insightful interviews of a number of photographers from around the world. Recently, I was interviewed (here), and found myself sharing a number of things with my interviewer, Cameron Davidson, I hadn't intended to. I've been following the site for some time, and while some of the photographers I know (Renee Comet, Robert Seale, Seth Resnick, Chris Crumley, and Susana Raab, many I don't. Cameron (whom I have known for many years) takes a surprisingly in-depth look at each of them, and it's refreshing.

The concept is simple - 5 questions and their answers, along with 5 images. The idea, of course, is to draw in viewers to see, as the founders write "to deliver a site that uniquely showcases visual communication experts", but the mission is to not only share the answers and images, but also to make a difference through charitable contributions both in the United States, and Haiti. Their "Give" page details these charities, and encourages others to get involved.

So, go check out FUSEVISUAL, not because I'm featured there, but more importantly, because they're doing good and you just might learn a thing of two (or a dozen) about how other creatives have mastered their craft, as a part of your journey to master yours.

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Gordon Schultz said...

Hi John,

Thank you for telling us about the FuseVisual site. I always enjoy reading about the lives of photographers and the projects that they are producing. Although I am familiar with several of these photographers, I really like to be exposed to new people and their images. I will bookmark this website and I hope their readership will continue to grow at a rapid rate.

And, John, I must say that I am pleased to see that you have resumed posting on your blog. I have missed your news and insights about the wonderful world of photography!


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