Monday, July 30, 2012

TIPS60 - An Introduction to the TIPS60 series

Here is an introduction to the TIPS60 video series - another of our videos offering tips and inisights into the business of photography. a transcript of the video is included after the jump.

(Transcript after the Jump)
Hi I'm John Harrington and over the next - I don't even know how long - we're gonna talk to you in small sixty second blocks about a variety of different things related to the business of photography. We're going to talk a little bit about marketing, we're going to talk about business essentials, accounting software, everything that I can think of under the sun to talk to you about.

Hopefully, I can keep each time down to sixty seconds or less. So over the next couple of I don't know how long, we're going to be trying to do one a week, maybe a few more as time permits and share with you some businesses insights. As you know I'm the author of the book ""Best Business Practices for Photographers"", a book has that been really well received and so what I'm trying to do now is to put a face to the name and get some more information out there so that people can grow their business and become successful photographers.

So, hopefully, over the next months, years, or so we'll be talking to you once a week on video for about sixty seconds about the business of photography and how your business can grow and prosper.

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