Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Colbert's MeReporters Underscores Absurdity of Working for Free

Steven Colbert brings his satirical comedy to bear on the notion of "free reporters" who get paid nothing, like CNN's iReport, in the wake of the layoffs of 50 CNN photojournalists and other staff.

Colbert notes CNN also launched an "Assignment Desk" where you an actually go out and report on things that CNN wants, and then goes further, saying "iReporters do not get paid, they get something even better, badges, which, I assume, are redeemable for food and rent."

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rickblaine said...

And this year's Pulitzer prize for photo-journalism goes to little Jimmy Nusbaum of Cedar Rapids for his slightly blurry image of a tornado wreaking havoc on his elementary school......

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