Thursday, August 11, 2011

Wedding Photographer Convicted On Breach of Contract

Greenville SC photographer Gerald Randolph Byrd was convicted of failing to deliver images to a wedding client - even though he had been paid - and recieved a sentence of 8 years in jail, suspended to two years of house arrest, according to WYFF television, as reported here.

Byrd charged $2,450 to a wedding couple, and was paid. Because his breach of contract included fraudulent intent, his sentence was so severe, it seems.

A word to the wise - when your client signs a contract, YOU have to live up to the terms of the contract too, and that includes delivering on what you promised you would.

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Anonymous said...

I went and read the article and tried to do some more research but could not find any details. I do agree we have to abide by the terms of our own contract and deliver the product we are hired for, but to me it just seems there is more to that story.

Charleston Wedding Photographer said...

I thought they were too negative .... That said, it's good that people have realistic expectations about how difficult it is to develop a business and market to customers in this type of business and economic environment.

Essex Wedding Photographer said...

That seems a very harsh sentence, Was it as straight forward as not delivering or was there elements of dishonesty involved?

Anonymous said...

WYFF deleted the post, but the info can also be read here as well.

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