Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Art and Business of Photography

While one might consider it unusual that I would recommend and promote a book on the business of photography when I am the author of what could be considered a competing book, I genuinely believe that the more business knowledge that's available, the better it is for photographers.

It is to that end that I recommend you consider Susan Carr's book - The Art and Business of Photography, which you can pre-order on Amazon now, and get it in a few weeks.

I've known Susan for a number of years, and worked with her on the ASMP Strictly Business 2 seminar a few years back. She not only edited the updated ASMP Business Practices book, 7th Edition, a few years back, but she also responsible for developing educational programing on professional photography for the ASMP as their Education Director, and has been for almost 4 years. So, she brings a learned perspective to the subject matter, and I am sure you'll garner significant insights from her book. So, pre-order it now.

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