Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Photographer Prevails in Wedding Lawsuit

In November of 2009 we posted Wedding Photography Contracts - A Cautionary Tale - about the risks on assignment, as well as the possibilty of a tarnished reputation when things go south. Photo District News posts today - Blushing Bride Loses Underwear Photos Lawsuit - with the update that the photographer prevailed in court. The problem now, is that "One of the Best 10 Wedding Photographers" (according to his website, ranked by American Photo) has to restore his reputation, tarnished by this brides's suit.

Reading all the links above serve as a good reminder of the risks to our business by clients who feel wronged, even, as decided by the court in this case, the client was wrong.

Thus, ample proof that the client isn't always right. Want more insights into this?

The Client Isn’t Always Right: Dealing with Abuse as a Freelance Writer

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10 Freelancer Mistakes that Damage Your Success

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