Sunday, September 12, 2010

ThinkTank Cases - A Review

We use a lot of different professional tools to deliver images to our clients, and among them are the ThinkTank line of rolling cases, both for air travel and for local location work. Over 5,000 of you watched our WHAT WE USE - Cases video where we showcase a number of cases, including our ThinkTank solutions. Over 115,000 of you watched our WHAT WE USE - Canon video where we use the ThinkTank Airport Security case, as well as over 102,000 of you watched our WHAT WE USE - Nikon video where we showcase our use of another ThinkTank Airport Security case. Just over a year ago, we did a review here at Photo Business News - ThinkTank Multimedia Bags - First Look. So, below (or at this link here for you RSS readers) is our latest in the line of ThinkTank reviews - where we discuss the Airport Security, Airport International, and newest - Logistics Manager, rolling cases. Enjoy!

If you'd like to pick up one of the cases, check these links:

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Stan Kaady said...

Great review, John. Thanks!

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