Monday, June 14, 2010

Wedding Photographer - A Painful Incident

Below is a painful video for ANY photographer to watch. I've known a few photographers whom have suffered this indignity.

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One thing that strikes me immediately is that, while the photographer clearly had two camera bodies, he unfortunately placed both of them at risk in this situation. Surely, we commend him for his focus on getting the shot, but not at the expense of his gear. And, does he now not have any gear to finish the wedding? He still has posed photos and the reception to cover.

In the end, this incident likely cost him when he has to replace both bodies and lenses. It appears that some tuxedo-clad attendant smartly grabs at the camera ASAP to minimize the effect, and it looks like the "write" light is still illuminated, so, well, who knows?

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passenger57 said...

"video has been removed by the user" so we can't see it - although I can hazard a guess as to what happens....

Anonymous said...

"Video has been removed by user"

Care to give a high level description of what happened?

Daniel Von Fange said...

Here it is, I think.

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