Sunday, June 20, 2010

Surf Photographer - It's Harder than it looks

In anticipation of a trip to the beach this Summer, I purchased an Ewa Marine bag for my D3, and I took several dips into a local pool before headed to the shore. To be sure, I cringed when I first sunk my $5,000 camera underwater, and I quickly realized that I needed to also use the included desiccant to reduce condensation during my underwater forays.

At some point in the future, I intend to include "surf photographer" in my bag of tricks, and to that end, I am training my daughter to be my tow-in ski operator. (Pictured is one of my other daughters, Grace, age 17 months, on a short board). It's great because it's a real need for the future, and also is a nice father-daughter bonding opportunity. She's been operating jet skis since she was six, and soloing on them since she was 8 (all in controlled situations, of course.)

It was with great interest that I read Allen's post over at PhotoShelter about being a surf photographer - How to Fail as a Surf Photographer, and I recommend it to you for some insightful reading.

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Robert said...

Best way to add "surf photographer" to your skills: learn to surf! Aside from having fun, you'll be able to better anticipate what's going on and make meaningful images that appeal to surfers and non-surfers.

Micah Kvidt said...

Fun Post!

Unknown said...

We're you happy with the EWA bag's performance? I'm headed to Hawaii in a few weeks and was considering getting one for the trip to use while snorkeling.

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