Friday, March 5, 2010

CoolTech - iPhone Emergency Solution

How many times have you been without a much-needed recharging solution with your non-battery-swapable iPhone? For me, it is all to often, and I just can't risk losing a call because of a dead iPhone. So, friend and colleague, virginia corporate headshots photographer Mark Finkenstaedt had a solution. Mark did all the hard work doing this testing, and here are the results.

This battery, by ebay seller scr-boya (other listings here) lists the following features:

-100% Brand New
-Dimension:67mm X 62mm X 15mm
-Input:5V 0.8A
-Output: 5V 0.5A
-Charge time: About 4 hours
-Colour: Black only

At right is one of the four of mine that I won, on eBay, for $0.99 each, plus $8.99 shipping (each!) from China. So how long does it take for the battery charge to fully charge?

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When the 10% battery warning indicator came on, the battery was installed, and below is the timeline for it to charge:
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At $10 per unit (including shipping, and I tried getting more, but no response), I can justify buying several (which I did) and now I have a backup in my car, camera bag, and two rotating on chargers in the office. The seller shipped both to Mark and I (from China) without any problems, so if you're looking for a great solution, this one one gem that has already saved me from a dead iPhone battery. There are other sellers on eBay with variations on this item, so you might find others that work just as well, but so far so good with this seller!

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David said...

Are they rechargeable? Or single use?

Imaxpower said...

I think you really have got a good solution for your dead Iphone but if you are looking for more backup and powerful battery then you can check out Imaxpower IMP500, it is also reasonable priced and will make you more happy then what you have recently bought from ebay..

John Harrington said...

These are rechargeable, and have a receptacle on the bottom of the battery identical to that on the bottom of the iPhone, so they are multi-use.

the iMax battery looks nice, however, it's 4x this one, shipping included.


JeffH said...

I just got the two I ordered in the mail today. They seem to work pretty well. I plugged into my phone right out of the box. The phone was at 80% and it charged it up to 100% in about an hour.

Tim Collins said...

I also purchased a few based on the advice in this blog.

My biggest issue with the batteries is that they never seem to stop charging. Even when full, it appears that they keep sucking on power. That can't be good for the battery, right?

They also attach to the phone pretty flimsily. I'd be worried about carrying around a phone with the battery on the bottom for fear of the battery ripping out the entire charging circuit from the phone.

That said, its nice to be able to use some GPS-logging applications without fear of running out of juice to make an emergency call after a 20 mile hike.

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