Thursday, February 4, 2010

Costs of Photography - Explained in an Exceptional Way

Naples Newborn and Children's Photographer Nicole Zumaeta (known as Nicole Z) has reposted a really exceptional job that explains what the value and costs are associated with hiring a professional photographer, which was originally written by Marianne Drenth. So, rather than try to summarize what Marianne's written (and which Nicole had the permission to re-post), I commend you to head over to her blog and check it out!

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Walter Rowe said...

Hi John,

Thanks for the link to the blog on the cost of custom photography.

Your blog ...

Nicole's blog ...

I noticed at the bottom of Nicole's blog that she credits the content of the post Marianne Drenthe at the following.

At the bottom of Marianne's blog (dated Feb 2008) she credits the blog of Pamela and Shawn Richter at (San Diego). It took some digging on their site to find the original article from January 2008. A reference to it appears on this page.

which points to an article titled "Why Are Professional Photographers So Expensive?" that links to this page.

At the very top of that page they say the article has been very well received and is featured in the December 2009 issue of Professional Photographer Magazine.

They link to but not directly to the article. I searched and was unable to find a reference so I have to take their word for it. Perhaps it only made the print edition though I could not find a reference to it in the "current issue" link either.

So there you have the entire history of Nicole's blog in case you care to update your blog.


Unknown said...

Walter, great set of linkes! Thanks.

Nicole Z. said...

This is an amazing article, but unfortunately, I cannot take any credit for it! As stated at the botton of the article, in that post, it was written by the fabulous Marianne Drenth. For more incredibly helpful information from Marianne please visit...

I appreciate the link, but again, I cannot take any credit for writing this article. Thank you!

Nicole Zumaeta
Nicole Z. Photography

D. Saunders said...

Hi, I was just going to bring to your attention to the same thing that Walter Rowe said about the article on Nicola's blog but he beat me to it.

It did make me wonder though - - is someone allowed to reprint someone else's article (however well-meaning) without attaching identification of the original source to it?

Marianne Drenthe - marmalade said...

Thank you for the correction, John. My personal project which Nichole was kind enough to link properly from, is a pet project to help photographers feel like a resource is available to help them explain to their clients that there is a difference between a reputable quality photographer and the rest of what is happening in our industry. I appreciate the link correction as this has been a labor of love and commitment for me. All the best.

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