Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Laforet's Latest - Nocturne - The Embodiment of Motion Pictures

First there was Reverie from friend and colleague Vincent Laforet, which blew the doors off of video in the guise of a still camera. Then, like the wayward ingenue who makes her way to LA to become an actress, Laforet heads West to seek out visual stimulation in the form of motion pictures, yet he has a plan, and a laser-like focus, unlike the starry-eyed dream girl now waiting tables. Few people I can think of embody "motion pictures"- really, truly - like Vincent. His stories are absent dialog - yet compelling. Now, he presents Nocturne:

Nocturne from Vincent Laforet on Vimeo.

Some might say he's a night owl, and that's why he's working at night. I say that he's demoing the technology at a time when everyone criticizes a cameras failings - low light. It does help that he's a night owl too, of course. Put Vincent's creative mind to the test - low ambient light - no additive light, and then let lose a storyteller who is used to thinking in still images, and he makes every frame count - literally, and it shows in the final piece. Watch the piece once, and then watch it again for all the subtleties you missed the first time around. In fact, make sure you watch it in HD atleast once! (Full 1080p at SmugMug here). Vincent's blog has more details here - Lights Out, Camera, Action. Check it out, and watch the servers melt - this one's a game changer.
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Boston Photographer | MWynne said...

Shooting video at night and still being forced to REDUCE ISO because of an OVER abundance of DOF. Technology is getting to be insane. Tell me again why I waisted money on strobes instead of reflectors and diffusers? It's a great time to be a photographer. Thanks for the post.

Giulio Sciorio said...

Since I got the 5DMKII I've been planing on selling all my studio strobes and go back to natural light only using strobes when the job needs it and renting lights at that time.

Since then I've done all my work in natural light and have sold all my studio strobes. With the money saved I put it into other aspects of my business such as learning to edit HD and Final Cut Studio 3.

I have examples of all natural light HD video on my Vimeo page - http://vimeo.com/giuliosciorio

These new camera with HD transformed my business. I now have more motion jobs then still jobs.

Hit it while its hot.

Unknown said...

I have noticed that a great photographers are teachers today.
Greg Gorman, Joe McNally, Vincent Laforet. Is it really means that they have no good work. All photographers who has no work will be teachers. I do not believe that they all are so altruistic and wants to share their know-how to people. Teaching-it is business.
Joe McNally and Greg Gorman will teaching how to shoot and Vincent Laforet teaching Canon 5d mark II camera stuff.
All they are very famous and fantastic photographers.


Brian Wiese - Photographer said...

"This is a private video" - Sorry, you do not have permission to watch this private video.

Any idea about this? Wish I could see it... loved Reverie!

Peter Wine said...

Canon has asked him to pull it for now, according to his blog.

CD said...


It is all over Youtube. Italian version of the youtube site plus YouTube US.


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