Friday, June 12, 2009

Look3 - Festival of the Photograph - Sylvia Plachy

Sylvia Plachy takes the stage on the first of three days at Look3 - Festival of the Photograph.

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ErinG said...

You spelled her last name wrong...

Anonymous said...

There isn't a "t" in Plachy.

John Harrington said...

Fixed thanks. Video update shortly...

-- John

Anonymous said...

I get no audio. I have no problem with and and all other videos on the web. Only videos that have audio problems are yours.

Anonymous said...

Who cares?

"This is a cow.........." That's deep Sylvia.

What's up with all of the ass kissing?

You..."It was a remarkable show"

Did her show change anyone's life? If it did then that would be remarkable; but let's see what the future holds.

Rather than these homages and the ego pumping; maybe they should be honored for what these folks have done for the business, and how they've defended the rights of all photographers.

Oh that's right......she's a "photojournalist" now I'm starting to see the clearer picture.

Don't you think it strange that the very publications that are sponsoring this ego fest are among the worst when it come to compensating photographers for their work? But then again when you give an empty stage to a "photojournalist" so that they can tell you their really cool "you should have been there stories" they kind of forget that important part of the equation.

We deserve to be taken advantage of; especially when those who capture the spotlight "forget" that they have a responsibility to use just a little of their time to give back to our profession rather that look at pictures of cows.

Anonymous said...

It appears that someone (above poster) does not know Sylvia's history. Ignorance is no excuse for making an ass of yourself.

Get out of your studio, or what you call a studio, and get some sunlight on your skin. It'll do you good.

Anonymous said...

viddler sucks, please use a different viewer. it takes forever to load, it never runs clean, and you can't pause it and let it download before you watch it. Just change..

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