Saturday, June 20, 2009

iPhone 'Find My Phone' Feature - In Use

It's 1:05 pm, Saturday, the day after the new iPhone was released. Do you know where your iPhone is? Mine is ( as evidenced by the Find My Phone feature) at the White House, safe in my pocket. Today I have pool coverage duty, which, with the weather being what it is, gives me a chance to test out the new features of the iPhone.

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As someone who HAD a 3G phone, and who had to revert back to a 2G for a few months, exactly because I lost the 3G, this is a very valuable feature. Since my cell phone is my lifeline to my clients, not having access to my email and client calls, even for a day, can be very costly.

Further, and for a very real reason, I am concerned about the data on my phone. Not to worry, I can wipe it remotely using this same screen.

When a business tool like this gets updated, and with critical features like this, upgrading (you can get the above features with the older 3G phone and the new 3.0 software) is so beneficial to the smooth operation of your business, that it's a no brainer.

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Josh Zytkiewicz said...

This feature is amazing. Almost makes me want an iphone just to get this.

Cameron said...

Show off. :-)

Rich Green said...

Boy oh boy, am I living in the past. My cell is about 5 years old and I never text. How the hell do I manage to survive in this new world.

Boston Photographer-MWynne said...

I just checked out the new iPhone yesterday, the speed is unreal. The icing on the cake was getting an email on my Blackberry while I was checking it out, I went to check the email and my Blackberry errored out and had to be rebooted. 6 more months, and goodbye Verizon.

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