Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Speedlinks & Commentary - 5/13/09

It's been some time since we've done Speedlinks, so I thought I'd compile several that I thought note-worthy, and I'll add in a bit of commentary to each, so, enjoy today's speedlinks.

  • Awkward Family Photos - This site is not only good for a barrel full of laughs, it is also a variation on the website Photoshop Disasters, because it shows so many photos that are just plain bad. Take for example, this one - Mothers Day, and this one - Too Close for Comfort - which makes me think the photographer had a backdrop that was too small, and he kept telling the subjects to move closer together, then there's this one, and here are "The Cling-Ons", the over-use of white in Whiteout (I mean, doesn't that photographer understand that this is over-the-top, and borderline Stepford?), and as someone who is 6'7", this - Big Love - is just composed poorly, an over-use of a primary color in Into the Blue, and lastly, - Family Tree - that photographer just isn't right in the head. So, take a spin, laugh a little (ok, a lot!), but most importantly, learn a few lessons - the first one I'll suggest: 1) It takes actual talent to be a photographer, not any "Joe" can do it!
  • Starting Over - As an Entrpreneur - Here is one more story that tells people that when they lose their job, being a freelance photographer is the solution. A few tips for the intrepid photographer who lost her PR agency job and decided to freelance - 1) Don't pose with an outdated film camera, and if you are going to, make it a Hasselblad and not a Mamiya 645 (yes, Mamiya fans, bring it on), 2) "faux borders" on images is so 2001, and 3) get a separate wedding site. Mixing commercial marketing and wedding work is not good for getting commercial work. You take a good picture Tarah, but your marketing plan needs some polishing - what did you learn at Mortar?

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  • The Gravediggers of Photojournalism - Jahreszeiten publishing is using Stalinist tactics to try to force photographers to surrender a broad swath of photographers rights for next to no additional revenue while the "publisher Thomas Ganske professes to be a protector or champion of intellectual property rights. For instance, he was a prominent signatory of the so-called Heidelberg Appeal, according to which: “Authors and publishers reject all attempts and practices to undermine the fundamental intellectual property rights to literature, art and science, the fundamental right to freedom of research and teaching as well as freedom of the press and publication.” Hmmm, this sure sounds a lot like Conde Nast's attempts to secure, and I quote "All rights throughout the universe...". Where were all these photographers when ASMP and others were fighting the assinine Conde Nast(y) contracts? (Conde Nast Contact: Introduction, 5/26/08). There are over 3,000 signatures, which the publisher will laugh at unless they get an EP-like group to actually refuse to work under those conditions. That is, until the iStockphoto hobbyists, looking to get validated by being in these magazines, see Jahreszeiten as their own Mount Everest. Paging Seth Resnick and Paula Lerner....

  • PDNPulse - Mrs. California Blames Photographer - I agree with Mrs. California - the photographer has released what really looks like outtakes that caught her either inbetween shots or otherwise affected by the wind. Further, since when do tasteful images of the human form raise legitimate objections? take a look back at the historical statues of nude women or famous paintings by all caliber of artists from the middle ages, where the nude female form was celebrated. Lastly, I am damn tired of people being chastised for their own personal opinions - especially when they are expressedly solicited. Her keeping her title is just, and just like I dislike celebrities using the Oscars for the espousing of anti-whatever sentiments when they should just be thanking people for their award, so too do I dislike it when someone hijacks an event for their own personal agenda. It doesn't help that he has no qualms about infringing on copyrights with reckless abandon (alledgedly), as detailed here.

  • Alamy Mis-Steps - It seems that a bunch of Alamy contributors are (rightfully) upset about the agency mis-licensing RM photos at lowball rates to "preferred customers", with one person reporting a sale of $10 for an image that priced out at $600.00 using Alamy's own calculator. Seems something's afoot over at Alamy, and it might just be some smelly socks.
So, with all of the above feel free to fill the comments with all manner of opinion, just keep it civil, or you'll get deleted, and remember, my opinion or commentary doesn't have to match yours, but you should respect mine even if you don't agree with it, since you did choose to come here and read it of your own volition.

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rockstarbaun said...

If it's gonna be a Mamiya, at least the RZ please.

Anonymous said...

John, you never miss a chance to ridicule others.

T. C. Knight said...

Alamy has posted their earnings figures for the first quarter of this year. They can be found here:

Their earnings are down, and the average price per image is down too. I wonder if there is a correlation?

One interesting quote at the bottom of their spreadsheet:

"The decline in average price has been exaggerated in this report by the weakening of the UK pound (GBP) against the US dollar between Q2 2008 and Q1 2009".

So, do their earnings reports really mean anything?

Anonymous said...

You make public an announcement to critique this post then you delete negative comments. Such thin-skin is best left to real celebrities and not mediocre internet wannabes.

Xmas said...

yes, you should never miss a chance .

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