Saturday, November 1, 2008

From Bad to Better - Likely Acquisition of DRR Assets By Newscom A Good Thing

There were just a few outcomes for what remains of Digital Railroad, or so I thought. One was closing it's doors, another, being acquired by PhotoShelter, then there was potential suitor liveBooks, Mark Ippolito, and then the never-was-gonna-happen Getty and Corbis.

What hadn't crossed my radar was Newscom, when rumor spread Thursday evening of a company with cash to buy the assets. A number of people got calls from me, including several at Diablo Management. I wrote in an e-mail to them :"I have heard that Digital Railroad was acquired this evening in a cash transaction, and I would like, at the very least, to know if you can confirm that." The response I received Friday morning, first thing, was "No comment regarding your assertion. We will however have some news later in the day."

When they wrote in their statement, describing the suitor, but strangely, not naming them, I pondered who fit that bill. Daryl Lang, over at PDN had the only viable name to fit that bill (Is Newscom about to aquire Digital Railroad Assets?, 10/31/08), and I have to agree with him.

So, what exactly does this mean?

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Like the Phoenix rising from the ashes, this is a good thing. No, let me get that right, this could be a great thing. This entire piece will be a dissection of the problems that the other suitors likely would have had, and how Newscom is great for everybody, save one.

First to PhotoShelter. The only real reason PhotoShelter would have benefited from the aquisition would be because they could have used the aquisition to get 1,400+ new active photographers. To date, several hundred have already made the switch. However, the demands by WTI for a price-point made that deals' value minimal, at best. Further though, PhotoShelter wasn't really focused on agencies to use ther platform (although they have the capability to take them, if they wanted to). So, for PS, it was all about new members.

Next to liveBooks. LiveBooks could have used the technology as an add-on to their current capabilities, but the question first was of valuation and then of integration. Following that was the concern about the debts that were outstanding. There was the $1m to WTI, then right around $80k to another lender, and then $120k or so owed to photographers, and taking on those debts made this deal unpalatable, for sure.

Next to Ippolito. Mark would have been a good fit, except that people would have been leary that he could keep it going, and they would associate him with the unexpected failing that just happened, and lastly, he likely had a hard time coming up with the money that Diablo/WTI wanted.

Getty and Corbis already have platforms they are happy with, and for them, it was likely a question of acquiring several million more images, but then again what to do with all the agency deals that were there. So they too, not a good fit.

Then, the morning of October 30th, Newscom sent out this missive:

Dear Former Digital Railroad Customer:

With the unexpected closing of the Digital Railroad business, Newscom and Mainstream Data have been receiving many calls from photo agencies and professionals like yourselves asking if there is anything we can do to help them – and do it quickly. The answer is Yes!

Mainstream provides premier hosting and distribution services, software development, and web platforms for prominent photo agencies including Thomson Reuters, Bloomberg, the European Pressphoto Agency, the German Press Agency (DPA), the Dutch Press Agency (ANP), the Spanish Press Agency (EFE), the Portuguese Press Agency (Lusa), UPI, and many photo plus video agencies like Splash News, AdMedia, Featureflash, Sipa Press, Ace Pictures, INF, and Jupiterimages. Moreover, unlike some of the other companies offering refuge for Digital Railroad customers, Newscom and Mainstream have been key players in this business for more than twenty years, are profitable, and offer you the security and functionality you need to be successful and to be able to sleep at night.

We provide both Internet FTP push delivery and hosted web portals for delivery of your photographs to subscribers, and we also operate the largest multi-agency marketplace for digital media in the world (Newscom).

Our managed FTP service is called MediasFTP; it is our automated FTP distribution system that reads the IPTC data out of your photographs, categorizes the photos for delivery to groups of users, and then simultaneously delivers the photos to your partners, customers, and agents at very high speeds. Our customers for this service include Sipa Press, AdMedia, Featureflash, Ace Pictures, and Splash News; they use this system to insure that their photos arrive first at their customers, for, as you know, speed is everything these days!

To replace the hosted photo website that Digital Railroad has provided, we also offer what we call, ‘Newscom Minisites’, using the same technology that more than 5,000 newspapers, magazines, broadcasters, and web sites depend upon every day to license images for their publications. You may already be familiar with Newscom as the one-stop digital media marketplace where users have instant access to almost 25 million rights-managed and royalty-free photos, graphics, illustrations, news stories, and features created by the world’s foremost publishers.
What you likely didn’t know was that more than 150 content providers use Newscom to reach a secondary market for sale of their content. Newscom is the digital media marketplace of the future—today.

A Newscom Minisite provides functionality similar to the Digital Railroad web portal in that we provide your customers password protected access to your photo archive where they can search, browse, and download photos and other multimedia content. We can also provide some customization of the front page of your Minisite by using your logo and contact information.

We would love to tell you more about our services and show you a demonstration, including a WebEx Internet broadcast in the next few days for those who have interest.

Don’t jump out of the Digital Railroad frying pan only to find yourself in the fire because you have chosen yet another unstable vendor.

To find out more about how Newscom and Mainstream can help, please send us an email at Alternatively, please feel free to call one of us at the numbers provided below:

North and South America and Asia

Greg Weeks
Vice President, Mainstream Media Services
u.s.a. | work: +1.801.584.3989 | mobile: +1.801.915.2768

Bill Creighton
Managing Director, Newscom
u.s.a. | mobile: +1.703.850.5711
Europe, Middle East, and Africa

Richard Buckler
European Sales Director
u.k. | work: +44.1293.561120 | mobile: +44.7711.717935

Thanks, and we look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,

Your Friends at Newscom and Mainstream

While that's a nice offer, and one worth considering, it defines in very clear terms what Newscom is, and does. I can tell you that I have an account with Newscom, and I use it on a fairly regular basis, and it has generated revenue for me, and I think highly of its' services.

You may not be familiar with them, but you're familiar with Knight-Ridder, and Tribune Media? This press release informs you about just where their foundations lay and that were, in fact, a joint venture of Knight-Ridder and Tribune, before being sold to Mainstream Data last Summer. That's pretty solid backing, to be certain. So, when I learned of this possible outcome, I began to think about all of the good things to come of it. Let me walk you through a few of them:

1) I think the biggest benefit is that Newscom is a conduit for countless other image providers. Getty, UPI, AFP, Black Star, and many others have images that flow through their image pipeline. If you want to go check things out, visit:, and click the "Login" link. NewsCom allows anybody to browse their images as a guest, (login: NCFOTONA, Password: Guest) and they provide the login information to do so without having to sign up. A search for "Palin" yields images from many sources, including, yes, AFP and Getty. In fact, check this link (once you're logged in), to see their partner sources, and above, right, you can see that I am listed, alphabetically right above Jupiter Images.

2) In addition, much of NewsCom is "push" technology. What that means is that those images are in browsers at newspapers and other content users, at their fingertips. To them, a search on their desktop is as if they are searching their own computer's hard drive, with instant results, and instant download/usability. Previously, DRR's Marketplace would only get a sale if someone knew about DRR, and navigated themselves to DRR, set up an account, and then began their search - that's more like "pull" technology.

3) NewsCom has a wide collection of images, just as Getty/etc does. Sporting events of all types, celebrity events, portraiture, and so forth. They have a fat pipeline of a wide variety of images, and they have numerous sources for those images. While they are seen as predominantly news, they have creative (i.e. non-editorial) images, as well as graphics, illustrations, cartoons, and so forth. Look around the publications you have nearby you right now - I'd bet that there is at-least one credit for NewsCom in it somewhere.

4) What NewsCom really doesn't have was the individual-photographer-archive capability that DRR has. Yes, NewsCom has their MiniSites, but the back-end and client services capabilities that the DRR architecture would offer would be great for them.

Ok, so that's all the good things - are there any bad? Well, it's not a bad thing, per se, but a question - what will the rate structures look like? I can say that my revenue from image licensing has been fair and reasonable, and I doubt that would change with the integration of the DRR platform and services, but it does remain to be seen what the rates will look like.

Additionally, it's clear that Newscom wants the architecture/intellectual property. It's unknown at this time was the final dissolution will be of the reported $120k in monies that are owed to photographers from images sold/licensed. I know that Stock Artists Alliance is on the case on this. That said, if Newscom is just looked at the assets, it's likely they won't take on the $120k owed photographers, but who knows. Perhaps there are images that were licensed, but the bills not paid, and Newscom may facilitate that final payment, if the balance due DRR/Newscom is still outstanding? We'll need to wait and see on this point.

Then, let's return to PhotoShelter. I think this is a potential problem for them. They closed the PhotoShelter Collection, and they have various degrees of image licensing available, and they use the FotoQuote pricing structure, modifiable by each photographer, to license images. Yet, you have to come to PhotoShelter to get the image - a form of "Pull" technology that requires the person needing the image to come to PhotoShelter. PhotoShelter's archives previously had a large number of sports images there, due in large part to the earlier partnership between them and SportsShooter, and the natural use of PhotoShelter by the large SportsShooter member community. While their image library has grown over the years, this puts them in a bit of a challenging position. Digital Railroad has a few features that PhotoShelter doesn't, but it suffered from a problematic user interface and client interface. PhotoShelter has a much more intuitive and easier to use interface, but is that enough of a value proposition to keep people?

Down the line, I think you will see a merger of both PhotoShelter and liveBooks, which will be a remarkable union for the photographer that is primarily an assignment photographer who has clients that need for an integrated website solution, client download capability, image licensing, and hardcopy prints. I don't expect NewsCom will get into the website business, and who knows about the ability to obtain an 8x10 of an image a client wants.

So, when will the NewsCom deal happen? It either will, or it won't, by mid-week, according to our sources. At this point, it's just a "Letter of Intent", and noting more. As a variation on what I wrote before - fasten your seatbelts, this is where the ride gets really interesting.

Please post your comments by clicking the link below. If you've got questions, please pose them in our Photo Business Forum Flickr Group Discussion Threads.


Eric Schmiedl said...

You make some interesting points -- particularly that PhotoShelter now has a gaping hole in that it's strictly a "pull" service. On the other hand, there's some evidence that an integration of Digital Railroad's image database into the Newscom service may not be so good for DRR's photographers. While it sounds like you've done very well, over at the Alamy forums (, two current Newscom contributors report mostly low-dollar sales -- like $18.

John Harrington said...

Eric --

Newscom has a range of licensing fees, and it spans the gamut. I've seen much higher, and some that are in the $x-hundred dollar range. I think you're taking one remark, by Tina outling a $18 figure, and extrapolating that into "some evidence ...the Newscom service may not be so good for DRR's photographers." One (or even a few) sales of $18 isn't "some evidence", it's an example of a low sale. I've seen sales reports for other people from Getty/Alamy/etc where the money going to the photographer is in the $4 range, or less. While $18 isn't good, making a "may not be so good" argument is specious, at best.

-- John

Eric Schmiedl said...

I can see where you're coming from, and given just that forum thread as context I would be inclined to agree it's a specious argument. I think it's also relevant to know that the other photographer in that thread with Newscom experience is a full-time editorial/news stock photographer with a significant historical image archive -- and she seems to have had a similar experience. Given that both she and Tina have some 30-odd years of experience in the business, I'm inclined to give their thoughts a fair bit of weight. The three data points we have (you, Tina, and Linda) seem to suggest that Newscom can work very well for some kinds of archives (yours) but it's at least equally likely that someone will have a very lackluster experience.

B5 said...

AS former DRR member I've received a newscom offer to host my minisite and they would charge 2500USD / year + a 400USD set up fee.

Thank you very much!

Anonymous said...

B5 - did they tell you how much storage space you would get for that price?

One of the problems I had with DRR and the Marketplace was that is was a "pay to play" scheme - as in you had to buy the DRR service to be able to participate in the Marketplace. Now at $600 per year - that was a risk worth taking since you were also getting a 100GB archive from which you could store your most important images and service your existing clients.

Now, at $2500 per year PLUS a $400 set up fee - this will take some serious number crunching on each individuals part to see if it is worth it or not. If the functionality of DRR will continue (so you can archive your images AND service your clients) and you also get access to arguably the largest buying audience possible - then it might be worth it to some.

As the saying goes - "the devil is in the details" and obviously there are too many unanswered questions at the moment to make a proper evaluation.

Questions such as: How much space you get for your $2500 per year and more importantly what will it cost to increase your storage space as your archive grows? For example - Photoshelter offers 1TB of space for $500 per year - making expanding ones archive very affordable.

Will the individual photographer have any control over pricing? Will it be possible for the individual photographer to control who has access to their images? (so that they don't violate any other contracts they may have with other agencies) etc...

The upside is that your images might be seen by more potential buyers - the down side is the expense and the fact that your images could easily get lost in such crowded waters.

It will be very interesting to see how this plays out and in the long term - I hope it provides yet another affordable avenue for individual photographers to license their work.

But in the short term - if the deal goes through - my biggest hope is that this will give all the photographers with DRR archives the time and access to retrieve their images currently locked up on the DRR servers.

Anonymous said...


Have you thought about citing sources for what you write? It's totally unclear what items in your post are derived from what other people have said versus total speculation.

If I owned newscom and decided to purchase railroad, I would keep it as a subsidiary company, strip the customer list, move the data as needed to my current platform, and then have the subsidiary company declare bankruptcy. Is that more or less likely than any of your scenarios?

But why would you purchase railroad anyway? There is a big difference between buying the assets of a defunct company and buying a company outright. Newscom is better off simply buying the hardware, software, and intellectual property from the company. It would be nuts for them to assume the debts of railroad.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how much longer until someone develops software that basically allows a photographer "plug and play" functionality to host his own archive?

Hardware and bandwidth have come down a LOT in recent years, and the hardware requirement to host, say, 1TB of images for a sole photographer or small agency is pretty small. In fact, it's less than two years' service fees if the $2500 holds water.

This needs to happen, because the photographer, small cooperative and small agency needs more control over sales and direction.

Yes, we're photographers and not IT professionals, but that's a hurdle to overcome.

Let's refocus things a bit. Stock sales today, from Getty to Photoshelter, isn't about companies selling stock. It's about companies selling services to photographers (and any cut they get of sales is gravy); giving them the hope that they might recover a pittance more than what they put in; or for the hobbyists, a way to get that new 10-12000000mm zoom lens without having to run it past the wife.

Most photographers aren't out there selling. Sure, the big-name guys keep busy, but their success is generally not from stock sales; especially through services like DRR.

Does anyone actually believe that VII paid going-rate for DRR's service? I would bet dollars to cents that DRR hopped in bed with VII at a great discount (maybe even free) so that they could say, "Home of VII, Noor and other groups you wish you could be associated with" to all the professional amateurs who make short careers in photography by spending tens of thousands of dollars to realize that the business isn't about the pictures, and that they don't want it.

The ecology of the photography system is broken, and this only serves to demonstrate that fact.

Don't get me wrong... There's nothing wrong with a lot of the services out there. LiveBooks makes some functional, good looking sites. DRR made pictures available that likely wouldn'tve been seen otherwise.

Hell, there's nothing wrong with these companies trying to turn a buck on photographers. It's a great market: I bet even McNally and Harrington enjoy the cash their (quite good) books bring in. Friends, they ain't doing it out of the goodness of their hearts...

If I had a server farm and $1.5M, I'd buy DRR and continue to sell it to every college kid, wedding photographer (not that there's anything wrong with that) and mom-with-a-camera that I could rope in.

The best that Newscom or anyone else can hope to do with this acquisition is not sell more photos, but sell more services to more photographers.

If it ever was about the pictures, it ain't now. Not in this (granted, necessarily) cash-grab situation.

I'll do the community two favors here:

1) In the reasonably near future, I have no intent of further participating in stock sales through any major or minor agency. So love me or hate me, praise me or bash me, compare me to Capa or Crap, but there is one less weevil in line for the last remaining crumbs now.

2) I'll put it out there that the only way this industry, good and bad, is going to survive is by its members working to once more make it about the pictures rather than widget-shifting.

The widget-shifting should come as a byproduct of a driven interest in the product. If it doesn't, it's a game not worth playing any longer.

Alex Ratson said...

I am not a DRR user as I have been quite content with PhotoShelter although I do think NewsCom stepping up, and acquiring the DRR assets would be really good.
Back when KRT still had a big hand in NewsCom they had the "Photographers Showcase" which was a collection of individual photographers not already contributing to one of the larger agencies. I was a member of the Showcase and greatly benefitted from it with multiple image sales to papers and magazines that I otherwise would have never had the opportunity to license images to.
I spent a full week covering Nordic World Cup on Spec and was able to fully recoup my expenses and generate a profit, primarily because of my NewsCom relationship.
Reading this letter from NewsCom makes me kind of jealous as a loyal PS user as I would love for PhotoShelter to have such a relationship with a distribution agent such as NewsCom.

I am sure NewsCom would not be the best place for people creating traditional stock imagery (I got very few sales in that sector) although for editorial NewCom was great.

Anonymous said...

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Lightbox Photo™ is available as a Standard, Professional or Enterprise Version priced from $399. Any Digital Railroad customer making a purchase during November will receive a 15% discount. For further information please visit or email

Anonymous said...

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