Saturday, August 2, 2008

A Must Read - ASMP's Professional Business Practices in Photography

If you're looking for a resource for information on the business of photography, this book must be on your bookshelf. I've had several previous editions, and now the 7th is out, and available for pre-order. The last one - ASMP Professional Business Practices in Photography: Sixth Edition, was published on September 1st, 2001. We all know, A LOT has changed - in fact, the world changed just 10 days later. This edition - the 7th, will rock your world, right now - guaranteed.

So - hit this link: ASMP Professional Business Practices in Photography, 7th Edition and go get it!

If you're an ASMP member, check your e-mail, or log-in to the ASMP website members area for a special discount code to get it from the publisher at a discount, and get it from the publisher direct - ASMP Professional Business Practices in Photography, 7th Edition.

So, why, you might be wondering, would *I* promote another book on the subject of business practices for photographers?

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It's simple - I want you to have as much knowledge on the subject as possible. Am I concerned that you might buy this book instead of mine? Not at all. First, my book lists for just under $30, and on Amazon it's just under $20. This book lists for the same price, and I'd guess that Amazon's price will be somewhere around mine. If, combined, you don't have about $50 to spend getting your business practices in order, then you're not thinking straight. You'll easily earn that pittance of an expense back within two weeks of having spent the dough.

On Amazon, my book frequently gets paired with Michael Grecco's book,and Joe McNally's book,as well as Dick Weisgrau's book,and others. Nothing would be better than if this book, and mine, got that pairing.

Natch - it is!

Here's what ASMP wrote about the book:
This classic guide is the ultimate source on key business practices and industry standards from the foremost authority in professional photography.

From standard practices in stock and assignment photography to special one-time decisions such as acquiring a digital workstation, this “business bible” provides the latest answers to any legal or business question an aspiring or professional photographer can ask.

With in-depth chapters, over two dozen industry experts offer practical guidance on such topics as estimating prices, formalizing agreements, using electronic technology, and much more. This completely updated Seventh Edition also features dozens of ready-to-copy legal and business forms, helpful checklists, and an extensive cross-media bibliography.
Here's the Table of Contents:


Section 1 Understanding Licensing
Chapter 1 Industry Overview: Understanding Licensing—the Key to Being a Professional Photographer by Susan Carr
Chapter 2 How to Price Professional Photography by Susan Carr
Chapter 3 How to Write a License by Jeff Sedlik
Chapter 4 Selling Your Pricing Structure by Susan Carr
Section 2 Copyright—Protecting your Assets
Chapter 5 Understanding Copyright by Richard Weisgrau and Victor Perlman
Chapter 6 Registering Your Work by Stan Rowin
Chapter 7 Metadata Basics by Judy Herrmann
Chapter 8 Using Metadata is Key to Photographic Professionalism by Ethan Salwen
Chapter 9 Enforcing Copyright: Dissecting the Infringement Case by Nancy Wolff
Chapter 10 Smoking Guns—How to Handle Clients Who Exceed Prior Licenses by Henry W. Jones, III
Chapter 11 Frequently Asked Questions by Stan Rowin
Section 3 Assignment Photography
Chapter 12 The Assignment Photographer by Susan Carr
Chapter 13 Interviews with Assignment Photographers by Leslie Burns-Dell’Acqua
Chapter 14 Making Strides with Your Fine Art Career by Amy Blankstein
Chapter 15 Moving into Motion by Ethan Salwen
Chapter 16 Book Publishing by Shannon Wilkinson
Section 4 Stock Photography
Chapter 17 A Brief Explanation of the Business of Stock Photography by Betsy Reid
Chapter 18 Stock Licensing Models by David Sanger and Betsy Reid
Chapter 19 Editorial + Commercial Stock: Worlds Apart by Rivaldo Does
Chapter 20 Stock Contracts: Look Before Your Leap by Robert Rathe
Chapter 21 Going Portal: Clearing Defi ning Stock Photography Portals by Ethan Salwen
Chapter 22 Interviews with Stock Photographers by Leslie Burns-Dell’Aqcua
Section 5 Paperwork
Chapter 23 Why These Forms are Critical to Your Business by Richard Weisgrau and Victor Perlman
Chapter 24 Sample Forms—Estimate, Confirmation, Change Order, Delivery Memo, Invoice, Indemnification
Chapter 25 Terms and Conditions for Your Business Paperwork by Richard Weisgrau and Victor Perlman
Chapter 26 Smooth Sailing: Avoiding Business Conflicts by Jay Asquini
Section 6 Releases
Chapter 27 Why You Need Releases
Chapter 28 What’s In a Release
Chapter 29 Property Releases
Chapter 30 Special Considerations for the 21st Century
Chapter 31 Trademarks
Chapter 32 Ideas For Getting Signatures
Chapter 33 Frequently Asked Questions About Releases
Chapter 34 Sample Releases
Chapter 35 Your Professional Team: Attorney, Accountant, Estate Planner and Insurance Agent by Alan Rabinowitz
Chapter 36 Preserving Your Visual Legacy: Estate Planning for Photographers by Aaron D. Schlindler
Chapter 37 ASMP Prosurance by Scott Taylor
Chapter 38 Is Your Assistant an Independent Contractor or an Employee? by Mark Tucker
Chapter 39 Guidelines for Assistants by Pamela Kruzic
Section 8 Digital Business Essentials
Chapter 40 Digital Asset Management by Peter Krogh
Chapter 41 Universal Photographic Digital Imaging Guidelines
Chapter 42 Digital Technicians by Ethan Salwen

Section 9 Marketing
Chapter 43 7 Steps to an Effective (and Doable) Marketing Plan by Leslie Burns-Dell’Acqua
Chapter 44 Websites by Leslie Burns-Dell’Acqua
Chapter 45 Website Success Case Study by Blake Discher
Chapter 46 Website Usability Considerations by Blake Discher
Chapter 47 Art Directors Voice Their Do’s and Don’ts by Elyse Weissberg
Chapter 48 Reps and Marketing Assistants and Consultants, Oh My! by Leslie Burns-Dell’Acqua
Chapter 49 Reinventing Yourself by Elyse Weissberg
Section 10 Negotiating
Chapter 50 Negotiating Principles by Michal Heron and David MacTavish
Chapter 51 Negotiating the Assignment Deal by Richard Weisgrau
Chapter 52 Negotiating Quick Tips and Telephone Cheat Sheet by Blake Discher
Section 11 Customer Service
Chapter 53 Working WITH Clients by Leslie Burns-Dell’Acqua
Chapter 54 Turning Projects into Relationships: Give Them an Experience by Leslie Burns-Dell’Acqua
Section 12 Managing Change
Chapter 55 Value Your Work: An Educated Photographer Is Your Best Competition by Emily Vickers
Chapter 56 The Sky is Falling, Grab Your Camera by Judy Herrmann

So, what's stopping you? Go - hit this link: ASMP Professional Business Practices in Photography, 7th Edition and get it! I did - the second I read the e-mail.

Please post your comments by clicking the link below. If you've got questions, please pose them in our Photo Business Forum Flickr Group Discussion Threads.


John Ricard said...

It will be interesting to see if this book is modern enough. I thought the earlier versions were the "Bible" of photography business practices, until I came across the Harrington book. I felt the Harrington book was very current and therefore more valuable. I'm curious as to how much of this new ASMP will be truly new or if a lot of it will be just be reprinted from earlier editions.

I'll probably end up buying it no matter what anyway though.

John Ricard

Will Seberger said...

I have the same sentiments.

Having read two past editions of this book, it's easy to see that they fall behind the times quickly.

I guess that's the nature of trying to encapsulate the rules of a rapidly evolving game in a single volume.

This should make for an interesting read.

John Harrington said...

John/Will -

This is the SEVENTH edition. Timeless content, such as those penned by Elyse Weissberg, Emily Vickers, Richard Weisgrau, and so forth will likely remain as before, edited, as necessary.

New information, from Blake Discher, Leslie Burns-Dell'Acqua, Judy Hermann, Mark Tucker, Robert Rathe, Peter Krogh, and Betsy Reid - to name just a few - is fresh, current, and on-point. (I say this without having my copy, but knowing the quality of the content each of these people have individually put together, and further, their names were not in the sixth edition!) and will no doubt be invaluable information.

I do, of course, appreciate your support for my book, and believe that you'll benefit significantly from this one!

--- John

Anonymous said...

Dumb question - Amazon is saying it is not available yet. Is this book out yet?

Anonymous said...

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