Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Speedlinks 08/7/07

I'm off to cover the Presidential debate in Chicago today, so here are today's Speedlinks.

  • PopPhoto's Blog - Has an update on the NYC "true crime of photography" issue, and, in general, they're a good resource for you to bookmark.

  • American Journalism Review - There's an interesting take on the use of Photoshop in the news/editorial business, and digital forensics.

  • A thread over at lightsalkers - This thread is suggesting, based upon a comment by Editorial Photographers UK that those on lightstalkers are somehow trust fund photographers (oh, please!)
  • Dan Heller's blog - Titles his latest post as an homage to Admiral Stockdale, and gives me about as much of an acknowledgement as I am due -- to wit: "even a clock that doesn't run is right twice a day". He goes on to set the record straight about what he does (and does not) do, and it's worth a read.
Now go! Check 'em out, and come back soon!
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