Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Photo Business News & Forum - Updates and Enhancements

Things are hopping right along here at Photo Business News & Forum. Because a number of the recent postings have been rather lengthy, and caused other stories of interest to bump to the second page, I've taken a page (or, rather, a few pages) from the world of print, and 'big league' bloggers, and instituted the 'jump' concept. So, after a paragraph or two, and a graphic or two, you'll be given the opportunity to delve further by clicking on the "More: Full Post and Comments" link, taking you to the rest of the story. This will allow for more posts to remain on the "front page" longer, for you semi-daily visitors to check out. At the landing page, you'll also be able to see reader comments, and hopefully add your own. There have been some robust like here, for Modern Postcard, as well as here for my post on 'bad for the profession', and here, for my commentary on the new NFL vest issue 'whoring you out - on your frontside and backside too', to cite just a few. for those of you on RSS feeds, you may have noticed a few updates of posts in the past few days, because I went in and added the 'jump coding' to make that happen. Sorry if this caused momentary confusion.

Further, if you're a fan of RSS feeds, check out the upper right corner of the page. Yep, it's been there for months, with a few popular options - Yahoo and Google, and we've earned a respectable number of readers via Feedburner, so that link is there too. Click the "Subscribe to the News & Forum feed" link you can choose from all the popular web-based readers. Also a bonus - the entire post is on your feed, so no need to hit a jump link for you 'feeders'!

(Continued after the Jump)
Yep, this would be the rest of the post. Not much to say here, of course. We will have more updates and tweaks to make your PBN&F experience more fun and exciting in the near future.Think - deconstruction and consolidation. Hmmmmmm.
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